Des musulmans menés par Anjem Choudary, un islamiste, ont protesté vendredi 13 décembre contre la vente d’alcool (interdit par l’islam) dans East London’s Brick Lane un quartier de Londres. Des patriotes anglais leur ont fait face mais ils ont été repoussés par la police.

Nom original de la vidéo : UK: Muslims stage anti-alcohol protest in Brick Lane

Anjem Choudary, a former spokesman for Islam4UK, and fellow Muslim activists protested against the sale of Alcohol in East London's Brick Lane on Friday.

The protesters aimed to highlight the negative impacts of alcohol and advocate Islam as the way forward. The demonstrators also name-shamed Muslim owned shops and restaurants who sell alcohol as they walked by.

Right-wing English nationalists organized a counter-demonstration in an attempt to stop them walking up Brick Lane.

With shouts of No Surrender and chants of God Save the Queen emotions ran high however the police were successful in keeping the opposing groups apart.

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